Camping must-have Equipments and Tools

Camping must-have Equipments and Tools

Pulling out an all nighter with your friends in a camping forest site can be the wildest outdoorsy experience for you. We love a day filled with recreation to make memories which help us carry away the monotonous working life schedules.

For you to have a whale of a time pitching your canopy and toasting delicious hot dogs for the meal, you can never miss anything on the accessories list. Camping far away from the city brings with itself limitations for you to play entertaining games and carry through your day.

Missing necessary accessories can make your experience tedious. Here’s a guide to a complete backpack checklist, so there's nothing holding you back!

1. Water Filters Backpack:

You can never carry sufficient water for camping as you run out of it in no time. Thanks to water filtration gadgets of the time to facilitate us with purified water. Portable water purifiers are on top of the list for your camping outdoors week because digging for pure groundwater is not possible in every location. There are a number of filtration gadgets with unique features as of:

 Life straw Camping Water Filter:

Allows you to drink water from lakes, rivers and ponds with a filtration gadget consisting of a membrane filter which separates the bacteria. It is compact and does not require any chemicals for cleaning.

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 Rechargeable Water Filters:

Automatic, UV chargeable water filters are now available in handy to add in your backpack and get on your voyage to the hills.

2.  Magnesium Fire Starter

When nature’s heaven blesses you with weather changes, starting up a fire in the woods gets difficult for a lighter to do the job. Magnesium fire starters not only help you in lighting up the damp logs but can be a savior in case you get lost in the darkness of the forests.


3. Oxygen Booster

Moving up to high altitudes often brings about the trouble of low oxygen levels for the beginner level campers. An oxygen booster is a lifesaver for many outdoorsy men who hike up to the trails and face breathing issues. They are natural energy boosters for you to feel athletic on your camping day out.

4. Multifaceted Outdoor Camping Shovel

Be it rigging up a tent or setting the grounding for your stove, a shovel is a go to product which solves half of your concerns on an outdoors day.

 A multifaceted shovel serves the purpose of digging in any type of gravel ground to support the tents into the ground.

 This ideal sized camping shovel can assist you dig out some underground water to use for drinking and other purposes.

5. Officer’s Knife

For easy hunting and devouring of your prey and safety purposes, a military multipurpose knife is a must-have equipment. Cutting off dry branches to fire up under your grill or snapping off branches to pave your way through the cluster of woods, both need an officer’s knife.


It is a handy and lightweight, compact tool to be carried anywhere with you to serve any purpose of mincing and slicing away.

6. First Aid Kit

Keeping a portable first aid box is a very underrated advice because it is obvious to every outdoorsman to have it in his backpack. Medication, bandages, sanitizers, antiseptics should definitely be a part of the kit for safety precautions.

7. Aluminum Cover or Ground Pad

 Heavy cloudbursts can shower your camping fellows to drench them completely. You can tackle mother nature’s surprises only with precautions. Aluminum covers and tents are convertible sheets which prove the best waterproof shelters in rain. When the rain stops, spread it on the damp ground to avoid the mud.

8. Navigation Gear

Before you get lost in an unknown location, keep your navigation compass under observation. Any tool which is the most feasible for you to use should be in your joggers on the way to the trails. Variety of navigation gears are:

  • Radars
  • Magnetic Compasses
  • Gyroscope
  • Orienting baseplate

There is no web connection to lead you to the desired location through google maps. So if you are bad at locating points, you need a set of navigation kit.