Welcome to the Get Home Bag and Bug Out Bag Course! Dr. David Powers- Rugged Dad

Welcome to the Get Home Bag and Bug Out Bag Course! Dr. David Powers- Rugged Dad


Welcome to the class!

I'm glad you're here. I commend you on the desire to be better prepared for emergencies of all types. Even more important, I'm thankful you want to be in a better position to protect your family.

Plan on having a fully stocked Get Home Bag and a Bug Out Bag in the next 30 days.

Here's how most of the course will run, although I may break from the routine just to shake you up every now and then:

  • You'll receive an e-mail every day for 30 days, plus a few extra bonus e-mails at the end.
  • Each e-mail will explain and demonstrate the items for your bags.
  • Most e-mails will contain links directly to the items I recommend. Just click and order the things you need.
  • And last but not least, there will be homework. This is a class that needs you to take action building your bag, not just learn something. I want you to have your bags ready by the end of the class.

If the world falls apart before the class is over, come find me at my bunker. Show up with coffee and gummy bears and I'll finish the class in person.

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The differences between the bags and the circle theory of prepping.

A few Top Secret tips and tricks for your bags.

What is the Gray Man Theory?

Here's your first handout! Just click on my face to download it.

Your only homework for today is...

Go find a school backpack sized bag to use for now as we start building your Get Home Bag. Be sure to follow my Good-Better-Best rules for the bags.


DO NOT go out and buy a bag! The task here is to scrounge and find one already in your possession, modify something, or find a suitable alternative. I want you to start getting in the mindset to improvise when necessary.

  • GOOD- One of those cheap reusable fabric grocery bags

  • BETTER- Your kid's Power Rangers school backpack

  • BEST- A decent camping backpack or military rucksack

  • UPGRADE- When the time comes to upgrade, I want you to get a school backpack sized military or backpacking grade backpack that is mostly neutral in color (no neon, stand-out patterns, or reflective areas) but follows Gray Man Theory.

The ultimate in Gray Man Theory- Just two senior citizens out for a stroll when the grid goes down. Who knew they each had their Get Home Bags with them? Don't get any ideas, Granny just might pop a cap.

Coming next...

Tomorrow's lesson focuses on something you can carry to get you through a tough time.

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You are receiving this e-mail because you signed up for the 30 Days to Prepped Course. You're awesome and I commend you. You have a desire to protect yourself and your family by being prepared for emergencies, and that is an admirable trait.

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