Our Story


Greeshow is a story about love for adventure, healthy, and gratitude.


Replacement Filters For 3 Stage Water Life Straw x3 Sets - Greeshow Direct

Our Goal?

We bring peace of mind to your camping,  hiking, and outdoor adventures experience by providing safe, healthy drinking water and an emergency plan for clean drinking water. We are always one step ahead and all you need is simple hygienic drinking water.

What Inspires Us?

The amount of water bottles consumers use and toss into Mother Earth’s landfill annual is astounding. Our goal not only makes sense for our nature and also for your health.  Create a better environment.

Our Philosophy?

People. It is everyone’s responsibility to preserve and enhance healthy living. Clean drinking water is our most valuable resource and can provide health, vitality, and wellness everyone can obtain.

We Don't Take Shortcuts!

We work only with FCC, UL and FDA accredited manufacturers selected with great care. Every product is created with the finest materials with rigorous and multiple quality controls. Our portable Electric Outdoor water Purifiers are delivered to the hands of wanderers worldwide.

Our Journey

Our journey started during Kelvin’s hiking trip through a canyon in Hawaii. He realized a handy water purifier provides healthy drinking water and is essential to everyone for camping, hiking, outdoor adventures, and in case of emergency. He is a game-changer. He needs to change the ways when you hike without having to carry heavy bottles of water or finding clean drinking water sources. He transformed his ideas into innovative products. He never gives up creating an impact handy electric water purifier for everyday use, hiking, and backpacking hiker. And right now, he is creating your following must-have travel product.

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